The Staff

Darren Cousins - Owner/Master Technician

I started working on cars while at East Providence Vocational School. I figured someday I would own my own car and would need to know enough about the motors so I would not get taken by a mechanic. The more I learned the more I liked working on cars. I decided to make it my career. I have taken various courses through the years to update my skills. I started my business because I like customer service. I feel that is a very important part of the business and through the years they have become a part of my extended family. I invest in the equipment needed to the job correctly because if it's got a motor and burns fuel we will work on it.


 Bob Coffey- Head Technician


 As a kid, my father scrapped cars and he had me helping. That was my introduction to being a mechanic. I am a 3rd generation mechanic and have been one for 30 years. I went to Pilgrim High School and took training classes. The more I learned the more I like working on cars. So I made it my career.  I like apple pie and italian grinders.